Curriculum Information


Our Curriculum Intent Statement


Key Stage 3 – Curriculum

Students study a wide range of courses in keeping with the National Curriculum and the School’s Curriculum Policy. Here at All Saints, we believe in providing a broad and balanced curriculum, offering students the opportunity to achieve in a wide spectrum of subjects. We value all subject areas in the development of children and encourage students to create a curriculum that will enable them to pursue their own interests alongside the core subjects. Religious Education is part of the core curriculum for all. At key stage three students begin to select their own pathways of study, with the option to pick up additional languages or the Arts. We are dedicated to the physical needs of young people and all our students participate in Physical Education as part of their core curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11 inclusive.

All Saints offers, through the Independent and State Schools Partnership, accelerated GCSE courses for more able students, and extra-curricular programmes for those identified as being able, interested and motivated. We work hard at bridging the nationally identified gap between the academic performance of boys and girls and students identified as pupil premium.


Key Stage 4 Transition

The range and depth provided by our Key Stage 3 curriculum is the ideal preparation for our students to embark upon their GCSE courses. To support our Year 9 students and their parents with their deliberations as they refine their GCSE subject choices we offer a staff consultation evening as well as the opportunity to attend a Subject Choices Evening. These events take place between November and January each year.

In Year 10 the vast majority of students will select 3 GCSE courses to complement their core subjects of Religious Education, English, Maths and Science.  For most students these choices will include one or more of the EBacc qualification subjects (Computer Science, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages - French, German, Latin and Spanish). When selecting their other preferred GCSE courses students are able to choose from a wide array of additional subjects including: Art, Business Studies, Dance, Design Technology, Drama, Food Technology, Health and Social Care, Music, PE and Textiles Technology.

In addition we also support a number of students each year to achieve GCSE qualifications that it is not possible to include in our taught curriculum, these qualifications are typically language based GCSEs that reflect the culture and heritage of individual students.


Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

For those students who are identified as having additional educational needs, a range of specialised strategies are utilised to ensure progress is made. This involves the effective inclusion of all pupils in high quality personalised teaching in lessons, supported, where appropriate, by Teaching Assistants. We also provide access to specific support on an individual or small group basis and deliver specific and targeted intervention based on advice from specialists in a variety of fields. At Key Stage 3 we have a small intervention and nurture group to support students who need more specialised provision. This group enables students to develop key skills in core subjects and tailors teaching to specific needs in a supportive and caring environment.


Alternative Pathways   

During their time at All Saints the majority of students will learn and progress through the educational pathway outlined above. However, we also recognise that this curriculum offer is not suitable or appropriate for all of our students. Where this is the case we offer an alternative pathway that provides personalised support for individual students. This can include Level 1 qualifications and The Prince's Trust Award. Our guiding principles dictate that it is imperative that all of our students leave All Saints with a sense of personal achievement and are equipped for modern life.