Parents' Forum


Parents' Forum Minutes - January 2017


The Parental Forum was set up to provide a voice for parents in understanding and developing various school systems and has been running for many years. The purpose of the forum is not to address an individual parent’s issues or to be used as an avenue to complain about the school, but is intended to provide an opportunity for parents to have a positive influence on school life. The parental forum is distinct from the school’s Governing Body and PTFA.

The forum meets once a term, three times a year, when parents are invited to discuss a range of issues with the Headteacher and/or Deputy Headteacher. The discussion points primarily come from the school where the parents’ opinion on a particular topic or proposal can be sought. Notes are taken from these meetings and fed back to the SLT for further discussion to give an appropriate response. We also host a parental forum email account where further issues can be raised:


[email protected]

The forum is open to any parents of pupils at All Saints and a general invitation to the meetings is put into the school Newsletter with a subject for discussion. The forum usually attracts around 10-12 parents per meeting, with a range of year groups represented. The meetings are held on an evening, in the Head’s office, lasting around an hour. Several parents have returned to these meetings and new parents are always welcomed. Parents have expressed the usefulness of these meetings and believe that they are a positive aid to our school; we share this belief and are thankful for the time, commitment and involvement of participants.

Issues discussed at past meetings include:

• School website
• Lines of communication between the school and parents
• School uniform
• Lockers and toilets
• Criteria for the end of term BfL trips
• Starter information for students new to the school
• Awards ceremonies
• Reporting systems to parents
• Parents’ consultation evenings
• Homework
• Academisation

Sometimes there can be a direct and immediate effect on the running of the school, whilst other issues have required greater exploration to reach suitable solutions. The founding parents regularly review their relevance and take stock of where previous issues have got to. They have raised the profile of the forum through the school Newsletter, highlighting how it has helped the school so far, along with invitations to future meetings.

We would love to hear what you think; please get involved; together we can make changes for the better.