Sustainable Futures Festival

Sustainable Futures festival


Following such a challenging year, we are eager to reignite our students’ love of learning and provide some exciting inspiration for the future! 


Starting on 12 July, we will be holding a week long Arts and STEM festival, where students will sign up to a project of their choice. The projects will:


- enrich their learning beyond the curriculum 

- develop skills they may have missed through the pandemic 

- provide an insight into careers in the Arts and STEM 

- have input from people working in these fields

- be environmentally sustainable


Projects might be, for instance, creating an online newspaper in a week, inspired by a talk or workshop from a journalist, or building an environmentally friendly robot with input from the Engineering Department at the University. 


We are eager for students to engage in the wider community during this week, meeting and working with people from ‘real world’ settings or even in ‘real world’ settings. If you feel you, or your company, have something you could contribute to the event we would love to hear from you!


Contact Mrs Lynam by Friday 30 April at [email protected]


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