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Politics Curriculum Intent


The aim of the Politics Department is to deepen your understanding of the fascinating world of Politics. Becoming an informed citizen is one of the most empowering things an individual may strive for and throughout your studies you will seek answers to some of the most interesting and important questions affecting the world around you; 'who has power?’, ‘why have they got power?’ and ‘should we obey those who have power?’

When you study Politics you will be taught not what to think, but how to think, how to deepen your understanding of a range of political ideas and issues and how to form independent judgements about some of the major discussions of our age. If you are interested in the world around you and issues such as democracy, freedom and power, then this could be the subject for you.

Key Stage 5

AS and A2 Politics

Exam Board - AQA

•   AS: Paper One: Government and Politics in the UK
•   A2: Paper Two: Government and Politics of the US and Comparative Politics 
•   A2: Paper Three: Political Ideas


Main Programmes of Study

         AS & A2

  • Participation and Voting Behaviour
  • Electoral Process and Direct Democracy
  • Electoral Systems
  • Political parties
  • Voting Behaviour
  • Pressure Groups and Protest Movements
  • Pressure Groups
  • The British Constitution
  • The Constitutional Framework of the US Government
  • Parliament
  • The Legislative Branch of Government : The US Congress
  • The Core Executive
  • The Executive Branch of Government
  • Multi-level Governance
  • The Judicial Branch of Government : The Supreme Court

Extra Curricular

Students have the opportunity to visit Westminster and the Supreme Court in London. Other trips have included Washington USA (including Congress, The Supreme Court and The White House). The department regularly organises trips to hear talks by political speakers and runs the ‘Westwing’ Club.