Teaching And Learning

'Teaching, learning and assessment continue to improve year on year. Teachers are passionate, enthusiastic, demonstrate exceptional subject knowledge, provide valuable feedback to pupils and make effective checks on pupils’ learning. This leads to pupils making outstanding progress.’ Ofsted Report 2016

Effective teaching and learning is at the heart of pupil progress at All Saints. Underlying our approach are three key principles: challenge, engagement and feedback, carried out in a nurturing environment. First and foremost teachers are encouraged to be caring practitioners, with students' wellbeing at the centre of their practice. We are proud of the relationships we create between staff, students and parents, and these relationships allow our teaching and learning to be personalised and productive.

In order for young people to achieve their immense potential they must be appropriately academically challenged. Teachers consider what a suitable level of challenge is for individual students and respond with lessons that encourage students to engage with their learning on a deep level. This deep learning enables students to grapple with complex ideas and prepares them for the challenge of GCSEs and beyond. We also firmly believe in the importance of providing timely and precise feedback so that students are fully aware of the skills and knowledge that they have mastered and what steps are needed to make progress. This can take many forms including instant, responsive verbal feedback in lessons and reflective written feedback at key points in the year.

Teachers are required to be reflective practitioners and engage in discussions surrounding effective teaching and learning and evidence based practice. We encourage staff to share their best practice with one another and engage in the wider professional community to ensure they are achieving the best learning experience for our students.


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