Y13 BTEC Business Christmas Event Update

BTEC Christmas Update 4

Year 13 BTEC Business Christmas Event for the residents at Barstow House and City Mills.

Thank you very much to all the people who bought our Christmas Bumper Quiz, which along with a grant from Interserve plc. funded the Year 13 BTEC Business Christmas Event for the residents at Barstow House and City Mills

We delivered the Christmas Hampers on 11 December and met some of the residents there who were delighted to receive their Christmas Hampers.

These photos show the Christmas Hampers being delivered. Students chatted to residents Mary and Maureen. Maureen gave the students Christmas Cards plus some truffles and told them how their hampers had made such a positive difference to her when the year had been so difficult.

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Glen the Manager of Barstow House emailed: ‘Please can you thank your students, honestly I don’t think they will realise how much good they have actually done and how they have lifted spirits. I am having residents coming up to me and saying how great the hampers are and also how kind it is. So a big thank you!’

Emma the Housing Management Team Leader emailed:

‘I’d like to say how special it is that a group of students have brought such joy to what is essentially a group of elderly strangers. They have no idea how much happiness this has brought, particularly after such a rubbish year. So, thank you very much to your students, it’s much appreciated.’

With money left over they were also able to help Mrs Glew with the Christmas Hampers she has been organising.


Thank you very much for your support!!!

Charlotte, Jade, Ewan, Jerson, Ryan, Dylan, Cameron and James

Y13 BTEC National Diploma