A Night Under the Stars

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Following on from the success of last years ‘Grand Night Under The Stars’ when staff and students from Year 8 and 9 spent a very cold damp night sleeping under cardboard on the tennis courts at Upper School we decided to do it again.  Students in Year 8 and 9 were asked to come along to school with their sleeping bags and cardboard boxes and to make a donation for the privilege, all of the money raised is going to CAFOD and SASH a local charity that supports homeless teenagers.


The evening commenced with a video showing the plight of young homeless people on the streets of Britain before the students went outside on the tennis courts to build their shelters for the night.  A total of 42 students and 7 staff spent a cold but enlightening night.  On the Saturday morning after a very cold and wet night we asked the students for their thoughts on how the evening had made them feel. Here are a few of their comments:


‘Last night made me feel really bad for all the people that sleep rough every night, I hardly coped last night but they have no choice about going inside’.

‘Last night I was really cold and uncomfortable.  I don’t know how people could live like this and it made me appreciate all the things I have’.

‘Doing the big sleep out showed me the behind the scenes of what they do and how they feel.  I really enjoyed the experience’.

‘Last night I felt determined to stay in the cold all night no-matter what because I thought of all those people who do that every night, without friends, or a pillow.  They must struggle so much’.

‘I felt upset because it was cold and they have to go through this when they shouldn’t have to’.

‘It was fun, but I feel bad for homeless people and I wouldn’t do it again’.

‘After sleeping outside for the night I feel huge sympathy for all the homeless and young homeless people up and down the country that have to sleep on the streets every night.  I also feel lucky to have a family and a home I can go to and am grateful for everything I have.

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We are still have some monies to come in so I am unable to confirm our final total but I am delighted to say that we have currently raised £651.00.

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