Our School Governors




FOUNDATION GOVERNORS (Appointed by the Bishop of Middlesbrough)

Ex-officio by virtue of office as Headteacher/Principal Mrs Sharon Keelan-Beardsley

Rev John Bane /  Mr Tim Downie/ Mr Colin Riddell (Vice-Chair)/ Mr Mike Walmsley (Vice-Chair) / Prof Christopher Fewster / Mrs Angela McDermottroe / Mrs Claire Wagstaffe / Mr Huw Kane (Chair) / Mr Christopher Glover / Sue Ellis


PARENT GOVERNORS (Elected by Parents/Guardians of Pupils)

Mr Yannick Berland/Mrs Ruth Harter-Jones


SCHOOL STAFF GOVERNOR (Elected by School Staff)

Mrs Jenny Wooten (Geography Teacher and ASL Geography)


LOCAL AUTHORITY GOVERNOR (Appointed by City of York Council)



CO-OPTED GOVERNORS (Appointed by the Governing Body)

Mrs Tricia Ellison / Mrs Helen Thorburn / Mrs Katrina Magee


CLERK TO THE GOVERNORS (Appointed by the Governing Body)

Maryam Karbani


Governors’ Business and Pecuniary Interests





Admissions: Mrs S Keelan-Beardsley (Head Teacher), Mr H Kane, Mr C Riddell and Mr M Walmsley 

Attendees: Mr R Thompson (DHT)


Finance: Mrs K Magee (Chair), Mrs S Keelan-Beardsley (Head Teacher),  Prof C Fewster, Mr C Riddell, Mr M Walmsley,  Mrs A McDermottroe and Mr H Kane 

Attendees: Mrs S Cox (Finance Manager) and Mrs N Rumbolt (SBM)


Catholic Life and Welfare: Mr M Walmsley (Chair), Mrs S Keelan-Beardsley (Head Teacher), Fr J Bane, , Mrs R Harter-Jones and Mrs C Wagstaffe 

Attendees: Mrs K Humphrey, Mrs J Sandwell, Mr S Sandwell, Mr R Stabler, Mr M Wheatley and Mrs E Wright


Teaching, Learning and Standards: Mr T Downie (Chair), Mrs S Keelan-Beardsley (Head Teacher), Mr Y Berland,  Mrs T Ellison, Prof C Fewster, Mrs R Harter-Jones and Mr M Walmsley

Attendees: Mr R Thompson (DHT) and Mr R Stabler (DHT)


Premises , Health & Safety: Mr C Riddel (Chair), Mr C Glover, Rev J Bane, Mr H Kane and Mr T Downie.

Attendees: Mrs S Keelan-Beardsley (Head Teacher), Mrs L Barker (Buildings Manager), Mrs N Rumbolt (SBM) and Mr R Stabler (DHT)


Pay Committee: Mr T Downie, Mr H Kane and Mr M Walmsley

Attendees: Mrs S Keelan-Bearedsley (Head Teacher)(Not present for decisions concerning her own salary.)


Pay Appeal Panel: Mr H Kane, Mr C Riddell, and Mrs T Ellison


Disciplinary Appeals Panel: As available and required


Head’s Performance Management: Mr H Kane, Mrs T Ellison, and Mrs H Thorburn